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Program Overview

In the domain of project management, one of the most important developments in recent years is the emergence of Agile frameworks in software development. The primary reason for this is the need for consistent delivery of high priority requests. Scrum is the most widespread practice in
Agile project management. This methodology uses short time-boxes (work confined in regular, repeatable work cycle) like a sprint (or iteration) in Scrum to allow customers to have a tangible and objective view of a product’s progress. This way of working is becoming increasingly popular and are being used in other areas.

Master your professional knowledge of Agile methodologies and Scrum practices with this introductory course. As a subset of the Agile development approach, the Scrum framework enables collaborative cross-functional teams to deliver projects in incremental portions. Scrum effectively addresses complex adaptive problems to deliver products of the highest value.

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What will you learn?

By the end of this course candidate will able to learn:-

  • Concepts of Agile and Scrum including the “Agile way of thinking”
  • Scrum practices including roles, events, the importance of backlog and the definition of done
  • Scrum planning and estimation
  • Monitoring of Scrum projects including Burn-down charts, Kanban boards and Information Radiators
  • Advanced Scrum concepts including applying Scrum in large, complex projects and within distributed teams
  • How to create an Agile workspace


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Who Should Attend

The course is designed for:

  • Individuals and organisations seeking a foundational understanding of cloud computing.
  • Non-technical employees that wish to learn more about the basics of cloud computing, from backgrounds such as finance, legal, marketing, procurement and sales.
  • Employees involved in cloud computing initiatives or projects, such as project managers, business analysts, architects, engineers and developers.
  • Managers responsible for employees working on cloud computing initiatives or projects