Quicker,cheaper, higher quality, better certainty, higher efficiency, and the ability to recover faster. This is quintessentially the true definition of enabling business agility.At Austech Institute we help you discover new “I cans”, look boldly within you & empower you to put foundations under “I Dream”.

SAFe, Agile & Devops Courses

When you’re getting an enterprise to function in a more lean and efficient way, there are several frameworks that
you can use to get there. But, initially, it may be unclear as to whether some frameworks work together synergistically and complement each other or whether some compete with each other.

For a brand-new IT organisation in the initial stages of getting lean, the newer frameworks such as SAFe or DevOps for speed and accuracy. However, if the IT organization has been using an older framework like ITIL or CMMI, they still can look at SAFe, Agile or DevOps considering efficiencies with the newer models.

We invite you to attend one of our upcoming public classes that provide the perfect place for you to learn what it takes to implement SAFe, Agile and DevOps practices and principles, while also giving you an opportunity to share ideas with other practitioners and to learn from some of our most seasoned Consultants.