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IT Organizations will continue to be faced with rapidly accelerating technologies, business problem solving skills and growing customer expectations. This trend is continue to persist and there is an imminent need to prepare your organization with industry needed skills – Digital Solutions, IT Architecture, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Paltforms, MicroServices and API Centric Applications, Blockchain, DevOps, Bots etc…

Austech training conducts training to develop such industry needed skills that would profoundly impact the way your organization’s Sales, solution delivery, value creation and readiness with digital skills and capabilities.,


Training program based on the current skills levels of your team

  • We will work with your L&D and Delivery team to identify current skill levels through screening and interviews
  • Based on your current skill level data structure the training program to ensure the maximum learning

Identify the training programs and courses based on your organization’s Growth Plans

  • Work with leadership teams to figure out the required skills to support growth plans
  • Customize the training program to ensure skills are aligned to your organization’s strategic intentions and objectives

Market Relevant skills

  • Training programs designed to ensure your team learns, market relevant, current and future Tools /Technologies and problem solving skills
We upgrade your organization with
differentiating skills
in addition to Digital & Technical

Full Stack Technical Skills

Solving customers enterprise business problems require not just Java or .Net or a technical specialist. It requires an architect or solution designer with Full Stack technical and systems skills. You need your core solution staffs with versatile skills to deal with growing such opportunities. Also enhance their fungibility and utilization across diversified programs, projects and opportunities


Extended Value Creation

As you realize, IT Service organizations are loosing not only cost arbitrage benefit they are feeling the pinch of shrinking ASM business. It is imperative we build value creation skills at every levels. At our training, participants learn Beyond Customer led Requirements, extended value creation and other frameworks/approach. For instance how to enhance customer satisfaction while implementing process automation or achieve strategic intent while solving tactical problems


Business Problem Solving

It is very essential IT organizations should shift their focus from inward facing technical skills to developing strategic business problems solving skills in the areas such as 1.”Speed to Market/Deliver of Products and Services” 2. “Operational Efficiency using process digitization” 3. “Enhanced customer satisfaction” 4. “Relevant Data at fingertips dynamic decision making” 5. “Growth using Digital capabilities” 6. “Being Competitive using Digital Substitutes” and Others Our training courses designed to teach the key business problems solving skills across courses.


Injecting Digital Technologies into Conventional IT landscape

99% of existing customers are not Unicorns like NETFLIX or Amazon. Most of the enterprise customers live with conventional and Legacy IT platforms and applications, it is critical we educate your teams to injecting digital technologies into their landscape while solving problems and planned projects. No customer is willing to spend millions of dollars and effort to proceed with Big Bang approach. We teach how to blend digital technologies with conventional IT applications to deliver digital business capabilities as outlined by Garner’s Bi-Model and Dual Speed IT using many approaches and case studies


Digital Skills

Digital Solutions, API Centric Apps, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, BlockChain, Bots, with DevOps becoming main stream technologies to develop and deliver business solutions. These technologies making radical change in every aspects of solution delivery – design,, overall effort , timeline , ease of development & testing, production deployments and Production Support. We teach digital tools and technologies and also how apply these technologies to design, develop and deliver customer solutions in an efficient manner


Growth Hackers Toolset

To sustain in the highly competitive industry , In addition to technical skills, it is very essential that every core staff acquires Growth Hacker skills- Delivering more with less, beyond customer led requirements, Win-Win business case, Effective problem analysis and solution recommendations using implementable self funding models and so on. Our courses are targeted to educate these growth hacker skills so that Architects, Tech Leads, Mangers can play Sales, Business mining, Consulting, Account growth efficiently in addition to core job.




Close to Experiential Learning

In the stiff competitive industry upgrading your staff skills in Tools and Technical aspects alone is not sufficient enough, IT Professionals should be taught with industry problem patterns, analysis frameworks, business problem solving scenarios and case studies. More Importantly how to apply those learning at business opportunities, customers and programs. All our training programs are driven by scenarios, case studies and frameworks to ensure the participants learn competitive differentiating and essential skills

Trained by Industry experts

You need IT industry experts as Trainers who has engaged with multiple customers and understands Industry trends, broad customer context, various business domains with full stack Technical skills. Our Training staffs delivered many solutions for broader customer base

Customizable Courses

One size doesn’t fit all. Especially for the corporate training, subject area, content and emphasize varies based on your organizations business domains, GEO focus, Products/Services offerings, business growth plan and most importantly participants maturity level and background

Flexible Delivery Models

Training delivery model should be based on Learning Effectiveness, Flexible learning and Cost efficiency. We deliver the training through “Instructor led Online” or ” In Person Classroom” and Combined Online and In-person Models. The best fit models will be adapted to ensure effectiveness and efficiency

Flexible Commercial Models

Austech training offers Outcome-based payments to ensure quality and impactful learning. We will work with your L&D and Technical/Delivery Leadership team device the appropriate course and participants to maximize the effectiveness and ROI