MOR Foundation and Practitioner course is directed towards helping companies in valuable framework for the management of risk. This framework will help organisations in making informed decisions regarding the risks that affect their programme, strategic, operational and project objectives. organisations will be able to adopt a risk management route map combining the basic concepts and approach, along with interrelated process steps and recommendations on tried and tested risk management techniques.

  • Introduction to risk management: Our course will introduce to the basic terms and concepts, the history, legislative and regulatory background of corporate governance and management risk, the roles and responsibilities and so on.
  • The MOR principles: You and your staff will be made aware of the self-validating, universal and empowering principles of risk management. These principles are important for the development of effective risk management practice.
  • The MOR perspectives: The application of Management of Risk is going to vary as per organisational perspective. During MOR training, you will be made aware of how your organisation can achieve programme, strategic, operational and project perspectives.
  • The Management of Risk Techniques: From identifying potential risks to assessing, planning and implementing in detail, our training course covers all aspects of Management of Risk. We will explain in detail each of the processes and techniques so that you become equipped to handle the potential risks and prevent them, wherever possible.
  • MOR specialisms: This part of the course will introduce you to some of the specialisms of risk management, such as incident and crisis management, business continuity, security risk management, health & safety management and financial risk management.

The MOR (Management of Risk) training course considers risks across all aspects within an enterprise; covering operational, project, programme and strategic perspectives. Specialisms covered include physical security, business continuity, health and safety, reputational and environmental risks.

This course covers every facet of risk management within an organisation. We introduce risk management, its principles, process and importance in an organization; and equip course attendees with risk management techniques in each of the risk management processes of communication, identification, assessing, planning and implementing.

Organisations can benefit in the following ways:

  • Organisations will become more aware and better equipped to manage potential threats and opportunities. They will be able to gain a competitive edge over others with their ability to deal with risks.
  • A company’s performance will be enhanced, through the reduction of fraudulent activities and waste. There will also be an efficient and improved use of available resources.
  • Organisations will have the knowledge and resources to plan a route map for the management of risks. MOR training will help them to understand the principles of risk, along with providing them with the tools to bring the approach and process of risk management together.
  • Our MOR courses are detailed and delegates from organisations that complete our certification training courses will be more capable of identifying, assessing and even controlling risks. They will be able to manage risks effectively so that it does not hinder their growth and success.
  • MOR training course includes risks specialisms, such as incident management, business continuity, health & safety, financial and security. Depending on your industry and the field of risk management that needs enhanced skills, you can subsequently develop more deeply into the risk specialisms of the course. Our training courses are supervised and conducted by industry-leading experts.

So, do you need more information regarding our Management of Risk (MOR) Foundation and Practitioner course? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of professionals will provide you with complete details of the course.

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