Duration:4 Days A$2595

(Ex-GST and Includes Exam)

Program Overview

Today’s organisations exist in a climate of constant and increasing change. Organisations that have learned how to transform themselves through effective leadership and strategic control are more likely to survive and prosper. Programme management is increasingly being recognised as key to enabling organisations to manage that transformation.

Where there is a major change there will be complexity, risk, many interdependencies to manage, and conflicting priorities to resolve. Experience shows that organisations are likely to fail to deliver change successfully where:

  • There is insufficient board-level support
  • Leadership is weak
  • There are unrealistic expectations of the organisational capacity and capability to change
  • There is an insufficient focus on benefits
  • There is no real picture of the future capability
  • There is a poorly defined or poorly communicated vision
  • The organisation fails to change the culture
  • There is an insufficient engagement of stakeholders.

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What will you learn?

By the end of this course candidate will able to learn:-

  • Recognise a programme, and how it is different to a project
  • Apply MSP® theory into practice
  • Effectively control the start, progress and closure of a programme
  • Integrate the MSP® Governance Themes and Transformational Flow into a programme
  • Establish a programme organisation and manage the appropriate stakeholders
  • Apply the Programme Management Principles across the life of the programme
  • Establish a Programme Office to support a programme
  • Conduct a programme Health Check


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Who Should Attend

The MSP® course is ideal for:

  • Senior Executives
  • Programme Sponsors
  • Programme Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Programme and Project Management Consultants

The purpose of the practitioner qualification is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the MSP® guidance to act as an informed member of a programme management team. This level is also required for programme management professionals progressing toward the Advanced MSP® Practitioner qualification, and those aspiring to become programme management professionals in the future.